Good To See You Again

by Porvari

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Released on 1st May 2014 Good To See You Again is the latest album of Porvari originals with all Songs written by Sam Whimpenny between 1976—2013, except for Stephanie Rocks written by Sam Whimpenny/Simon Meader

Arrangements by Porvari


released May 1, 2014

Porvari are:
Sam Whimpenny — Vocals, Guitars, Basses, Drums
Simon Meader — Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, Grotesque Guitar solo on 'Genius Is Next To Insanity'
B.L. Underwood — Production, Bruzonix & Epic Guitar on 'No Safety Valve'

Published by Barbarous Music © 2014

Recorded At Herb's Studio

Artwork & Photography by Simon Meader


all rights reserved



Porvari Eastbourne, UK

Friends for more than 30 years and musical collaborators for over a decade, Porvari are founded on Sam Whimpenny's infinitely varied lyrically rich and melodically diverse songs enhanced by Simon Meader's guitar, mandolin and synths plus B.L. Underwood's encyclopaedic understanding of the recording process & occasional epic guitar solo. ... more

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Track Name: Slippery Slope
Slippery Slope (Sam Whimpenny)

With my smoking gun and my metaphors I have a small tall tale for you
You see the winds of the world's experience are about to make the Truth come true
The signs are all there, co-located in a row
We'll just wait for the moment when the Manager says Go (GO!)

Shine that light in the cave of hope
You gotta show some bottle as you slip down the slippery slope

After 50 years of chasing dreams of dust
I think I've stumbled on another way
Looks like I beat that problem of who can you trust
But what I know now isn't easy to say

Events will occur, no Risk Management prevents
The Crazy, the Fool and the Malcontent

Shine that light in the cave of hope
You gotta show some bottle as you slip down the slippery slope

Shine that light in the cave of hope
You know there's no point now in the old soft soap
I might have lost my way but I brought my rope
And there are none so blind as they who will not grope
So giving up's got to be the new way to cope
Cos you can whinge you can whine you can moan and mope

But you gotta show some bottle as you slip down the slippery slope
Track Name: Good To See You Again
Good To See You Again (Sam Whimpenny)

You know last night I couldn't sleep
It was your fault
I just can't wait till you are here
There have been moments I would keep
In my mind's vault
Those memories are precious still

I'm so glad to see you here
Let me buy you one more beer
Been too long now that is clear

And it's so good to see you again

I'm at that age now you can tell
When cliches come true
And twenty years has disappeared
If yesterday you were in my arms
You're my baby still
Eternity won't change that truth

I'm so glad to see you here
Let me buy you one more beer
Been too long now that is clear

And it's so good to see you again
Track Name: Stephanie Rocks
Stephanie Rocks (Sam Whimpenny)

I got myself a new playmate
And it's a bit of a shock
I never knew you felt quite this way
Now every look every moment
Is just a key to unlock
The beginning of a love story

Somebody tell me it's all just a dream
Somebody tell me it's not what it seems

Stephanie rocks

So now I wait for the moment
And the moment is Now
I got a ticket and an IOU (IOU,IOU)
Saw you sneak another glance yeah
And I admire your subtlety
But we can work on that can't we?

Somebody tell me your innocent charm
Somebody tell me no cause for alarm

Stephanie rocks

And I could watch you move all day
My heart beat beats fast
And I need that feeling
It reminds me of my past

Stephanie rocks

So you can show me your hand now
Cos I can guess it from here
And we can whisper or shout now
The end game is clear

Somebody tell me a way to resist
Somebody tell me I'm top of your list

Stephanie rocks
Track Name: Questions Breath
Questions Breath (Sam Whimpenny)

The answer's in the question's breath
I love it when you lie to me
Jabber with the crystal meth
Promises were made to be broken

If your words will work here
We can live without fear

A moment to compose myself
Telling everyone my name
That book was never on the shelf
I could never play that game

You might think I know you
All these traumas I go through

You tell me it'll be OK
Did someone else convince you then?
And maybe I'll just walk away
Clinging to the wreck of When

If your words will work here
We can live without fear
Track Name: Queues Lists and Ladders
Queues, Lists and Ladders (Sam Whimpenny)

When I was young the way was clear to me
Waste tax payers’ money at a University
Get top class grades and a Master’s Degree
And go in half way up
To make it to the silver lining at the top of the tree

But sadly I got slowly disillusioned with this
The striving for chains and stabilised bliss
I laughed at their petty idiosyncrasies
Oh yes I know my vocabulary
Antidisestablishmentarianism me

Queues, Lists and ladders
Your face is looking slightly battered
Did you have a fight with your Secretary?
Or was it that you couldn’t get free?

Queues lists and ladders
The time it takes will make you madder
Don’t become the bore on the factory floor
Let your thoughts rise the midnight sky

The kids on the street have no more glamour than the elite
But they’re striving for a far different goal
If you ask for my advice I’ll say gladly to you:
Don’t let the other man win
Stop him even if you have to use a rolling pin

Queues lists and ladders
You’re the only one that matters
You call the cards and it’s hard to resist
You’ll soon be writing the lists
Track Name: The Resigning Pope
The Resigning Pope (Sam Whimpenny)

Gold! I've been chasing it all my life
Sold to slavery and sullen strife
I know now least said soonest mended
Somehow I doubt it's come about as life intended

Fold: discretion is the better choice
Cold and calm: you can hear it in my voice
Promises lost or unattended
I've lost the dream that made it seem it never ended

Life will never lie to you
Keep the window open
Things can change

Bold: it isn't me who jumped the gate
Told: I turned the corner much too late
So they claimed they had the power to take me to my dreams
But in all the time I've known them I ain't never had a bean
Track Name: No Safety Valve
No Safety Valve (Sam Whimpenny)

Just what are you trying to prove?
Dictatorship has left you bemused
“Swear” you’re calling time after time
"Maybe” might have spared you this crime

Self expression hits a new low
You’ve preached but now you’ve nowhere to go
Shelter’s what you have but don’t need
It’s someone else that you’ve got to feed

With your hairpin bend philosophies
And your high heeled leather boots
You’re a corkscrew in my head – I cannot free you
You electrocute reality
As you execute ideals
Your Perspex lies are getting hard to see through

Desperation sets in a last
You know you can’t control what is past
Patterns of relief in your head
Thinking over what she’s just said
Track Name: Genius Is Next To Insanity
Genius Is Next To Insanity (Sam Whimpenny)

We’ve been criticised enough already
It’s time we hit back and made it hurt
Trouble is we’re so busy working
While you’re all occupied being alert

Some people say
Genius is next to insanity
Without wishing to push my vanity
Genius is next to insanity
That makes me mad

Turned on my very expensive radio
Heard some singer grunt and groan
Well maybe I could hit it off that way
All you got to do is be a rolling stone

Genius is next to insanity
With a voice so rough and granity
Genius is next to insanity
That makes me mad

Christ it’s a hard life not being a superstar
It’s so unclear where to begin
Why is it us that’s getting nowhere fast
The public is so thick skinned

And genius is next to insanity
Is this really the essence of Humanity
Genius is next to insanity
That makes me mad

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